40T Sprocket + 16T [ 1x10 ]

Extend the range of your 10 speed drivetrain. Get 90% of the benefit of 1x11 systems for 10% of the cost.

Incredibly simple to install, it fits behind most 11-36 cassettes.

For Shimano drivetrains we highly recommend also purchasing a OneUp RAD Cage, or RADr Cage for even better wide range cassette shift performance.

  • Compatible with most SRAM and Shimano 10spd components
  • Compatible with 1x10 and 2x10 drivetrains
  • Uses standard freehub driver bodies (Not XD) 
  • 12 upshift points optimized for most 11-36 cassettes
  • 16T sprocket provides more even cassette progression for smoother cadence and improved shifting
  • Uses original 28,32,36T steel sprockets for maximum  durability
  • Patented (US 9,011,282) other patents pending 



10-speeds: (11-13-16-19-21-24-28-32-36-40

Sprocket material:  7075-T6 (40), Chrome plated hardened steel, (16T)

Sprocket weight: 18g (16T),  65g (40T)

OneUp adapted cassette weight increase:   55g

Typical 3x to 1x system weight decrease:   372g

Cassette range improvement:  11%