The OneUp EDC Stem allows you to store your EDC Tool in your steerer tube, without threading your fork. It combines an integrated preload system that allows you to adjust your headset preload without loosening your stem. There's a reason why so many EWS Pro Riders use the OneUp EDC Tool, in the event of mechanical, the EDC Tool is right at your fingertips with everything you need. We wanted to make the tool system available to even more riders, including those with previously incompatible forks and steel or carbon steerer tubes.


Length: 35mm (157g) 50mm (173g) / 35mm Dia. / 0° Rise
Black. Top Caps available in Black, Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Purple & Gold
Stack Height: 38.5mm
Bar Clamp Width: 55mm
Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum


Includes - preloader system which is compatible with regular headset spacers below the stem.


1) Install bar. Top bar clamp bolts tighten down to stem body with no gap. Bottom bar clamp bolts will have a gap. Torque bolts to 6Nm

2) Install top cap spacers and top cap by clicking into stem before installing on bike.

3) Install stem onto steerer, align and tighten top 2 steerer bolts (9Nm).

4) Preload headset bearings, tighten lower steerer bolt (3Nm)

5) Torque preload lock nut (3Nm)