DT Compatible MiniDriver Freehub

The OneUp 10T Cluster requires a compatible MiniDriver Freehub body. 

We currently produce MiniDriver Freehub bodies for DT Star Ratchet hubs only. This enables you to Convert your DT Star Ratchet equipped hub to accept a 10T shark cluster.

Please contact Hope or Stan's for more info on their freehub bodies.

OneUp has collaborated with Hope Technology on developing a non-proprietary, freehub body standard that accepts a 10T sprocket. This shortened version of a standard Shimano HG freehub is available for Hope, Stan's and DT hubs with more coming soon. This open standard isn't shrouded in patents, making the production of inexpensive 10T equipped cassettes a reality.

OneUp Components MiniDriver is one part of the widest modular 11-speed 1X system ever created. A climb crushing, descent hammering, 500% of range.

The MiniDriver and 10T upgrade increases the stock Shimano 11 speed cassette range by 10%. The 10T provides more total cassette range.


Length: 4.5mm shorter that standard

Lockring Thread: M29

Compatibility: 142mm or 148mm DT STAR ratchet Hubs only



Pull on the original DT freehub body to remove, it is held on by an o-ring. Reuse DT star ratchet and springs and push on OneUp MiniDriver Freehub.