EDC Threaded Top Cap

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EDC Threaded Top Cap

$33.99 USD

The EDC Top Cap is the original, most widely-used and most cost-effective way to store an EDC Tool in your steerer tube. It’s also the world’s lightest headset top cap and the #1 choice for the world’s fastest EWS racers. Get one and never forget tools again.

Not sure if your fork is compatible? Use our EDC Fork Compatibility Tool.

Product Specs

Weight: Top Cap (5g), Fork Plug (15g)

EDC Compatibility: EDC V2 Tool System, with Large or Small Storage Capsule.

Kit Includes: EDC Top Cap, EDC steerer plug, 2x 1mm, 3mm and 5mm headset spacers.

Colours: Black, Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Purple, Gold & Oil Slick

The EDC Top Cap does not fit certain forks, please confirm compatibility before ordering.

What's in the Box
  • EDC steerer plug
  • 2x 1mm, 3mm, & 5mm Headset Spacers

*EDC Tap is sold separately and it is sold at our production cost, so the most riders can experience EDC.

Things you Should Know

Top caps are compatible with all 1-1/8" aluminum steerer tubes.

The EDC steerer plug is required for EDC tool storage and is compatible with most aluminum tapered steerer tubes.

Check your fork compatibility here.

In stock! Usually ships within 24 hours.
OneUp Components EDC Tap Kit Blk

Tap It In.

The magic of the EDC Top Cap is how it's installed on your steerer tube. In order to install the Top Cap, you have to thread the steerer tube of your fork. Our EDC Tap Tool makes the job quick and easy. You don’t even need to remove your stem.

The Racer’s Choice.

Enduro world champions and athletes around the globe choose the EDC Top Cap for their race bikes. It’s light, trustworthy and gives you the most storage options of any in-stem EDC carrier.


My tool Is stuck inside the top cap, what do I do?

There are a couple possibilities for this:

1. Is the mutli tool oriented correctly within the EDC tool body? If it is backward and not meshing will the tire lever, the tool will bulge and be difficult to remove

2. The multi tool side plate bolts have loosened off and are jamming against the top cap.

For both situations the solution is to: 1. Loosen the stem bolts

2. Using soft jaw pliers, or pliers with a cloth, loosen off the top cap.

3. pull the top cap and tool off the steerer tube.

4. Either remove the multitool, or tighten the side plate bolts. The tool will then slide out of the top cap and you can reassemble everything correctly.

Please email support@oneupcomponents.com if you have any trouble with this process, or damage anything, and we will be happy to help.

Why is my tool hard to remove from the top cap?

It is likely that the top O-ring is dry. Best thing to do is rub a small amount of grease onto the o-ring and re-install it.

If that does not help, please email us at support@oneupcomponents.com.

Will threading my fork steerer void my fork warranty?

Although some companies will state that threading their steerers will void the warranty, we have not been shown evidence of any failures directly a result of a threaded steerer tube.

Can I install a star nut after threading the steerer tube?

It will likely damaged the threads for further use, but you can if necessary, install a star nut in a steerer tube that has been threaded.

Can I buy just the bottom fork plug?

We do not have the fork plugs available as a single item. they are only available within the top cap kit.



The Loam Wolf

This handy toolkit was clearly designed by guys who know what you need to fix your bike trailside.

Worldwide Cyclery

I will be adding this top cap to all my bikes, even those that don't require a tool to be installed


One of the first options for this style of tool, and their system is hands down the most versatile.

Outdoor Gear Lab

We love the innovative design and will jump at any chance to leave the pack at home.


EDC Tap Instructions
EDC Tap Instructions


EDC Threaded Fork Compatibility
EDC Threaded Fork Compatibility


EDC Threaded Top Cap Install Instructions
EDC Threaded Top Cap Install Instructions


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