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Hub Bundle

$398.97 USD

These are the hubs we want on our bikes. Lightweight, durable, with high-quality bearings and seals to give you the best combination of performance, durability and price. Available in a range of 7 colours.

This is the new benchmark for no-nonsense hubs.

Product Specs

Hub Spacing: Boost (front: 15mm x 110mm & rear: 12mm x 148mm)

Hole Count: 28 and 32 

Engagement: 44 points, 8.2 degrees

Weight front: 362g (set), 142g (front), 220g (rear) 

Colours: Black, red, green, blue, orange, purple, grey 

Material: 7075 T6 Aluminum 

Freehub options: XDr, Microspline (MS), Hyperglide (HG)

Spokes: J-Bend 

Front Hub Dimensions: PCD-L: 52, Flange Dist-L: 28, PCD-R: 48, Flange Dist-R: 40

Rear Hub Dimensions: PCD-L: 52, Flange Dist-L: 38. PCD-R: 48, Flange Dist-R: 23

End Caps: Tool free installation (Standard and Torque Caps included with Front Hub)

Bearings: Enduro™ MR17287 (front), Enduro™ 6902 (rear), Enduro™ 6903 (freehub)

Seal: Enduro™ Silicone Freewheel Seal

Grease: Dumonde™ Pro-X Grease (included with freehub)

What's in the Box
  • 1x Front hub (assembled)
  • 2x Standard End Caps
  • 2x Torque Caps
  • 1x Rear hub (assembled)
  • 1x Grease Packet (Dumonde™ Tech Pro X Freehub Grease)
  • 2x 44T Ratchets
  • 1x Ratchet Spring
  • 1x Non-drive side end cap
  • 1x Drive side dust cover (disposable)
  • 1x Freehub (assembled)
  • 1x Drive side end cap

Note: Standard end caps come installed on the Front Hub and two torque caps are provided in a small bag, uninstalled.

Things you Should Know
  • 2- year Warranty
  • Machined 7075 aluminum body is light and strong, with an integrated drive ring in the rear hub
  • Hub flange spacing improves strength and stiffness of wheels built on our hubs
  • Light enough for XC racing and strong enough for Enduro abuse
  • Ratchets, bearings, seals, freehubs and small parts available direct from OneUp
  • Available in 7 colours


Our simple design has fewer parts, this reduces weight and improves reliability. The fully machined 7075 aluminum body is super light and strong.

Durable Design.

Premium Enduro™ ABEC 5 cartridge bearings are spaced as wide as possible to reduce wear, reduce side-loading and increase bearing life.

Good Engagement.

We chose to develop a 44T ratchet to strike the best balance between performance and value with improved reliability.

All the Colours.

Available in 7 anodized colours to match your bike.


How long is the warranty period on this product? What does it cover?

OneUp Hubs have a 2-year warranty on all components, excluding bearing wear.

How regularly should I service my Hubs?

Hub service intervals vary depending on your riding frequency and the climate. To check if your hubs need servicing, remove the wheel and spin it in your hands by holding the end caps. If it feels or sounds rough and notchy, it's likely time for a service. Alternatively, you can check how your bearings spin by removing the end caps or freehub and feeling them with your finger.

Does the OneUp Hub use a DT Swiss™ ratchet?

OneUp Hubs use a OneUp-specific ratchet and spring. You cannot use a DT Swiss™ Ratchet in a OneUp Hub.

Will OneUp's SRAM XD® freehub work with my SRAM XDr® cassette?

Yes, our XD® Driver is compatible with both SRAM XD® and XDr® cassettes. For SRAM XDr® cassettes, simply remove the pre-installed 1.85mm spacer.

Why do OneUp Hubs use a machined drive ring over a threaded option?

CNC Machining the drive ring directly into the hubshell eliminates a common failure point, where a threaded steel drive ring can strip and tear the threads out of the hubshell, while also saving weight.

Where are & how to I read the hub dimensions to measure spoke length?

The Hub dimensions are on the product pages and lasered onto the center of the hubs.

PCD stands for Pitch Circle Diameter and refers to the distance between opposing spoke holes on the hub flanges (from the center of the hole).

Flange Dist refers to the distance from the center of the flange to the center point of the hub.

L stands for Left & R stands for right.

These four measurements, along with your hub spacing (110 or 148mm) and the ERD of your rim is all you need to measure spoke length. Please use your preferred spoke calculator to complete the measurement!




Front Hub Exploded View & Parts List
Front Hub Exploded View & Parts List

Freehub Exploded View & Parts List
Freehub Exploded View & Parts List

Rear Hub Exploded View & Parts List
Rear Hub Exploded View & Parts List

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