Tools needed

  • Cable/Housing Cutters
  • Torque wrench with 3mm hex bit
  • 2mm and 4mm hex wrenches (Shimano I-spec II only)
  • T25 torx wrench (Matchmaker X only)

Torque Specs

  • Seat collar to manufacturer recommend torque
  • Cable clamping screw, 3mm hex to 3Nm
  • Remote body to clamp 3mm hex to 3Nm
  • 22.2 Handle bar clamp (if needed)  3mm hex snug to 1Nm max
  • Matchmaker X bolt (if needed) 3mm hex to 3Nm
  • Seat rail clamp bolts 8Nm

Pressure Spec

  • Return air spring pressure setting 250-300 PSI (Valve access under rubber cover below seat rail clamps)
Step 1: Route new housing and cable
  • Route the new cable housing and cable into your frame, with the Cable Barrel at the dropper post end of the housing. Avoid tight bends in your housing routing for smoothest remote action.
Step 2: Connect cable and housing to the Dropper Post
  • Slide the Actuator O-ring over the Barrel of the cable, push the Barrel into the Actuator window then slide the O-ring back over the cable and Actuator. 
  • Snug the housing against the actuator by pulling the cable free end.
  • Install the dropper post to your ideal height in the frame and lightly secure the seat clamp.
Step 3: Install Remote
  • Install the Remote, without cable or housing attached on to your handlebar (See remote specific instructions below). 
  • Screw the Barrel Adjuster fully into the Remote body, then loosen 2 full turns. 
Step 4: Measure and cut cable housing to length
  • Mark the housing at the correct length to reach the barrel adjuster, making sure you have enough slack for full handlebar movement. DO NOT cut the housing yet.
  • Loosen the seat collar and slide the post/housing out of the frame.
  • Slide the post and cable 150mm away from the the housing so that when you cut the housing you don't cut required cable. 
  • Cut the housing/cable and slide the housing back snug against the actuator. You should now have enough cable to connect the remote.
  • Make sure the cut end of the cable housing does is not squashed after cutting so the cable slides freely.
  • Install a housing ferrule onto the cut end of the housing 
Step 5: Install cable and housing into the Remote
  • Route your cable into the barrel adjuster on your remote. 
  • Feed the cable under the cable clamp bolt and washer on the underside of the lever. 
  • Pull the cable tight and clamp the cable 3mm Hex to 3Nm.
Step 6: Adjust cable tension at the Remote
  • Remove any lever slack using the Barrel Adjuster. 
  • Cut off any excess cable and install the provided cable end ferrule
Step 7: Go ride your bike.