Below are full rebuild instructions for your OneUp V2 Dropper Post. This service should take less than 20 minutes and should be completed every 250-350hrs of riding depending on the conditions in which to ride. Always check your air pressure after servicing.  The pressure should be 250-300psi with the post fully extended.

Users are encouraged to perform regular maintenance earlier if required. If something seems rough or unusual after servicing please discontinue riding and contact info@oneupcomponents.com to avoid additional damage to the post.

 Tools needed

  • Waterproof grease (ie. Slickoleum, Slick Honey) 
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Needle-nose Pliers
  • 2 mm hex
  • 14 mm or 17mm wrench (or adjustable wrench)
  • Toothbrush, and Lint-free Cloth


    Step 1: Remove Seat and UPPER/LOWER CLAMP (2) and (3)

    • Move the Dropper to about 50mm (2") below full travel
    • *TIP* remove the rear clamp bolt fully and do not adjust the front clamp bolt.  When you reinstall the seat, torque the rear bolt to 8Nm (70 in-lbs) and the seat angle will be correct.


    Step 2: Remove the VALVE CAP/COVER (5)

    • This cap will either be a threaded cap (left) or a slide-on cap (right)


    Step 3: Remove CARTRIDGE LOCKRING (6) 

    • Using a pair on needle-nose pliers unthread and remove the Cartridge Lockring.


    Step 4: Unscrew ACTUATOR (16) from LOWER TUBE (12)

    • For V2.1 actuators use a 14mm (9/16") spanner or a adjustable wrench
    • For V2.0 actuators use a 17mm spanner or a crescent wrench
    • Unscrew the bottom green actuator using the wrench

      Step 5: Remove LOCK BOLTS (17)

      • Use a 2mm hex to completely remove the actuator lock bolts. 

      Step 6: Remove ACTUATOR (16) from CARTRIDGE (14)

      • Slide the actuator and foam washer off of shaft.


      Step 7: Remove CARTRIDGE (14) from Dropper Assembly

      • Slide the cartridge out of the dropper assembly.
      • Make sure to not lose Cartridge washer (13)
      • If you are only completing a cartridge swap, stop here and complete steps 1-6 in reverse order.


      Step 8: Unscrew MID CAP ASSEMBLY (8)

      • Unscrew the mid cap assembly by hand or using a strap wrench and slide it up towards the seatpost head.

        Step 9: Remove LOWER TUBE (12) from UPPER TUBE (7)

        • Slide the lower tube away from the upper tube to fully remove it
        • Remove old grease from inside the lower tube


        Step 10: Remove GUIDE PINS (10)

        • Using a small pick or the tip of a ziptie remove the three guide pins


        Step 11: Remove BUSHINGS (9) and (11)

        • Remove the upper and lower bushings by hand


        Step 12: Remove MID CAP ASSEMBLY (8)

        • Slide the Mid Cap Assemby off of the Upper Tube
        • Remove old grease from the Upper Tube
        • Clean the upper tube with rubbing alcohol


        Step 13: Assess parts that need replacement

        • Parts 8a-11 are included in SP1C0053
        • Oversized pins 19 & 20 are included in SP1C0061

        Step 14: Reinstall MID CAP ASSEMBLY (8), GUIDE PINS (10) and BUSHINGS (9) and (11)

        • With Parts 8a-8e assembled slide Mid Cap Assembly onto the Upper Tube 
        • Reinstall Upper and Lower bushings
        • Reinstall Guide Pins or install oversized guide pins

        Step 15: Apply grease

        • Using a toothbrush apply grease to the area around the brass pins, the bushings of the upper assembly and inside the outer post body.

        Step 16: Reassemble LOWER TUBE (12) and UPPER TUBE (7)

        • Align the brass pins with machined grooves in the lower post. and the lower tube laser with the rear of the upper tube

        Step 17: Secure MID CAP ASSEMBLY (8)

        • Thread the Mid Cap Assembly into the lower tube and tighten by hand or with strap wrench

        Step 18: Reinstall CARTRIDGE (14) into Dropper Assembly

        • Slide the cartridge into the dropper assembly.
        • Make sure Cartridge washer (13) is properly in place
        • Reinstall Cartridge Lockring (6) and Valve Cap/Cover (5)

        Step 19: Reassemble ACTUATOR (16)

        • Slide the foam washer onto the cartridge shaft
        • Slide the actuator over the end of the cartridge shaft.
        • Install the thru-bolts making sure they slide through the grooves of the cartridge shaft.
        • Tighten the actuator securing pins using 2mm hex hand tight.


        Step 20: Secure ACTUATOR (16) to LOWER TUBE (12)

        • Thread the lower actuator assembly into the lower post body
        • Tighten using the same wrench as was used for disassembly


          Step 21: Reinstall Seat and UPPER/LOWER CLAMP (2) and (3)

          • Remember the tip from Step 1

          Step 22: Reinstall the post and go ride your bike.