Things you will need

  • 6mm Hex key
  • Torque Wrench with 6mm Hex bit
  • Waterproof grease
  • clean cloth

NOTE: This Installation is best performed with the front wheel on the ground to hold it in place while swapping axles.


STEP 1: Remove Quick Release Axle Assembly

Back off the pinch bolt using your 6mm Hex Key. You can now release the lever and unthread the axle. 

Remove pinch bolt, nut & steel shim completely and set aside.

Now that the steel shim is removed, Slide the axle shim out of the fork lower.

STEP 2: Clean & Grease

Clean axle interfaces of both the fork and hub. Lightly Grease your new OneUp floating axle with a waterproof grease.

STEP 3: Install Axle

Slide OneUp floating axle through the fork and hub. Torque it to 9Nm using your torque wrench.

STEP 4: Install Pinch Bolt, Nut & Steel Shim

Slide the Supplied Steel Shim into the slot at the bottom of the fork leg. While holding it in place, drop the pinch bolt through the fork, steel shim, and thread it into the nut. Don't tighten the pinch bolt up completely yet.

STEP 5: Low Friction Point Setting

With the Axle torqued and the pinch bolt still loose. While standing over the bike & holding the bars in a riding position, compress the fork a few times to settle the fork lower into it's Lowest friction point.

STEP 6: Tighten Pinch Bolt

Torque pinch bolt to 5Nm. 



You have successfully installed your Floating Fox Axle.

If you are still having trouble please email us at support@oneupcomponents.com for help. Please include a detailed description of your issue, photos are often helpful.