EDC Tool, Fork Install Requirements

To install the EDC tool into your fork you need to remove your old star-nut and tap the top of your steerer tube. This might sound daunting, but we've made it super easy to do on your bike, without even removing your fork. 

  • Remove your bar and stem
  • Use the OneUp star-nut puller to remove your old star nut
  • Using the self aligning steerer tap kit, tap a thread into your steerer until the tap bottoms out.

EDC can only be fitted to your fork if all of the requirements below are met. Don't worry if your fork is not compatible the EDC tool has also been designed to be stored inside our new high volume pump with bottle cage mount.

Fork Requirements:
The EDC Top Cap Kit is only compatible with 1.5" Tapered mountain bike forks with an aluminum steerer tube. Carbon and Steel steerer tube forks are NOT compatible.
To install EDC in your fork you must have at least 3mm of steerer tube above your stem when installed and use a minimum 5mm headset spacer above your stem. A 10mm headset spacer stack above your stem is recommended. You will need to check the 4 dimensions below (A, B, C, D)
A - Total Steerer Tube Length
Steerer tube length measured from bottom of crown to top of the steerer must be 183-230mm long (7.25-9.00"). Use a tape measure to check length.

B - Steerer Tube Star Nut Diameter 
The inner diameter must be between 24.25 mm-24.80 mm. To check, this will require a OneUp "Go, No-Go Gauge" or a good set of calipers (that your local shop should have). If you have a Fox 32 we recommend checking this before ordering the tap and gauge kit as some models have steerers that are outside this range. Otherwise it is very unlikely you will have an issue. 

C - Steerer tube Min Diameter
Minimum diameter 22.1 mm (0.87"). To check, you can push a 16g or 20g CO2 cannister or a standard mtb handlebar up through the hole in the bottom of your fork steerer. If you can touch your star nut, you're all good.  

D - Steerer tube Max Diameter (opening in the underside of your fork crown)
31.75 mm - 34.00 mm dia. (1.25-1.34"). This is to ensure the EDC fork plug can be fitted. This is not essential, but ensures the EDC tool cannot rattle inside your fork.
Forks that are NOT Compatible
  • All Forks with Carbon fiber or Steel Steerers
  • All Cannondale Lefty Forks
  • Rock Shox 35 Series Forks 
  • Rock Shox eMTB Domain Forks
  • Fox 38 Forks*
  • Some Fox 32 forks - See "Steerer Tube Star Nut Diameter" above to confirm
  • 2012-2015 Fox 34 29 Forks - See "Steerer tube Min Diameter" above to confirm
  • All Giant Overdrive 2 Forks
Forks with non-standard setups
  • 2016+ SRAM Pike Boost: Storage capsule will fit, but CO2 cartridges may not. 
  • 2016+ SRAM Lyrik Boost: Storage capsule will fit, but CO2 cartridges may not. 
  • All Ohlins RXF series Forks: EDC Fork plug will not fit.
  • 2021 Fox 38 Forks with oval steerer: Small storage capsule only. Requires Anti-rattle washer supplied with tool.